What is a Gaushala?

A Gaushala as we call them are the shelters especially designed for keeping a large number of cows who are past the age where they can deliver milk, but have many more years of life remaining. Rather than have the non-milking cows slaughtered, as is currently practiced, gaushalas provide nourishment and humane, sustainable living in clean and hygienic surroundings.

What is eGaushala?

e-Gaushala is a new online concept which enables donors from anywhere in the world to easily contribute to various gaushalas in India and elsewhere, all in just a click. Better yet, as a donor you can use our interactive map to find and view a gaushala, either virtually or in person, and see firsthand the impact you are making.

Our Elite Gaushalas

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Shri Jadkhor Gaudham

We are privileged to be serving over 5000 Gau matas/cows. At Shri Jadkhor Dham, cows are a part of us, existing in perfect harmony with humans and nature.

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NOTE – All donations are made directly for Shri Jadkhor Gaudham and are eligible for tax exemption u/s 80G of Income Tax Act 1961

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What People Say

" Very innovative idea, all Gaushalas in one portal! Good luck to the team, carry forward the mission you have embarked upon."

Shree Guru Sharnanand Ji Maharaj


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