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A Gaushala as we call them are the shelters especially designed for keeping a large number of cows. Desi cow’s shelter or gaushala is not about cattle farming as done in Western countries. Instead, desi cows are kept with utmost care and respect in a gaushala. They are provided all the nourishment required for sustainable living and clean and hygienic surroundings for a healthy living environment.

e-Gaushala is a new concept offering to contribute to various gaushalas India through electronic way i.e., online. e-gaushala is an innovative medium connecting the donors to the gaushalas across the globe, all in just a click.

The donor can even go to the nearest gaushala as provided in gaushala map further on this website and donate or feed cows as a part of gauseva directly as per his own wish and capacity.

Feeding a cow in gaushala is the most common routine followed by Indians. Most of the visits to gaushalas by local people happen on weekends since weekdays are usually hectic with office, schools, family etc. Through e-Gaushala anyone at any point of time is able to contribute to any gaushala near or at remote locations through online means.

We are on a journey to modernize the gaushalas and a significant part of this journey is going to be ‘Gaubnb’ an initiative by e-Gaushala. Gaubnb lets you choose staying option at multiple gaushalas. This is going to be a breakthrough change as it will allow concerned people and donors to witness the gaushala life real close. With this initiative of ours we aim to enable people to stay in gaushala of their choosing and serve mother cows in all capacity they can.

Why cows need so much of respectful treatment?

In India, cow is not treated as a commodity which is used until it is monetarily beneficial and then sold out in the form of piece of meat on people’s plate for further money. Cows hold a highly reputed position in Indian history. The Hindu mythology has given a specific holy place for Cows as per Vedas, Bhagwat Gita and other Purans (holy books). That is why Indian (desi) cow is also known as Vedic cow. A desi cow is not like the ones traded in abroad or by foreign countries, namely jersey cow, whose milk is not as healthy as that of an Indigenous/Vedic cow.

“The Vedic cow’s milk has the nutritional value equivalent as that of a mother’s milk. This is why it is also known as The Mother Cow in India.”

India before independence was looted by Britishers in many ways-directly or indirectly. India was known as Golden bird because of the wealth it had before the British arrival. The reason for such richness was due to India’s richness in handlooms and highly productive agriculture land. Indians relied heavily on cows for agriculture for centuries. This made Britishers frowned because there was no commercialization or even need of other products so that the British products could be sold. This was also the era when Cow slaughtering was introduced for selling out as beef. Cow beef was started being used as a weapon to create tensions in between Hindus and Muslims as per the Divide and Rule Policy. The detailed tale of stories in this context are named as “British origin of Cow Slaughter in India”!! The cow slaughter graph only has raised up since then and India today is named as the largest exporter of beef in which desi cow serves a percentage too.

This has created such circumstances for desi cow that today these cows seek for food, safety and shelter on its own home land- India. The land it had nurtured for centuries, the land who was known as golden bird because of its richness in agriculture, the land in which cows, buffaloes were used for agriculture, the land which continued to be productive because of desi cow manure and the other cow based products. The practical situation of desi cows is even more pathetic than it may sound right now.

The alarming points about condition of Indian cows:

  • Increasing human population left not much of grass land for cows to survive.
  • Cows wander around in the populated cities, on the streets in search of shade and food.
  • Cows eat garbage which is likely to affect the health and original quality of milk of a desi cow.
  • There are increasing incidents of death of cows eating garbage, polythene and such other products in the garbage.
  • Cows get slaughtered ruthlessly after their milking age.

Someone has rightly said- “If slaughterhouses had walls of glasses everyone would be a vegetarian”

How e-Gaushala will help?

The pointers below shall give a gist about how e-gaushala can help in improving the situation.

  • Internet reach nationwide – Nationwide connectivity between users (donors) and Gaushalas through internet.
  • Active users – Users all around the country can donate anytime from anywhere with the use of e-gaushala website and thus do their part of gauseva.
  • Active Indulgence in Social work – For social workers, it is a social work platform too. Betterment of Gaushalas will lead to healthier cows and thus healthier milk.
  • Cultural development as a part of social work – There is a development of cow-serving culture when we serve to gaushalas in anyway.
  • An option to stay in Gaushalas – A change can be brought in more effectively if you get an opportunity to witness the gaushala life real close. eGaushala’s initiative ‘Gaubnb’ will allow you to stay in any gaushala of your choosing. Gaubnb is going to significantly improve sustainable tourism which will benefit gaushalas and in turn the cows.

Gauseva through e-gaushala:

  • Donations for betterment of facilities provided by gaushala cow keepers.
  • Donations for providing essentials to cows under Gaushala.
  • Locating gaushalas nearby using e-gaushala and do gauseva in person.
  • Purchasing E-gaushop products through e-gaushala.

“Promoting cow based products will encourage more and more people and even industrialists to invest in up-keeping cows rather than selling beef”.

Our mission

  • Protect cows – Cow slaughter is not just a danger for the Hindu beliefs. From getting worshipped for nurturing us and our land in many ways to getting sold for getting slaughtered and eating its meat, by the citizens of same country – Where is the humanism? We grow up having its milk and then eat it when we are grown. Which religion support this sin?
  • Save cows from dying on streets   Gaushalas are the only places for cows in city streets. These must not let to be died in search of food or place to survive.
  • Cultivate our culture – Our Vedic culture holds a simple logic. To give back the good to someone who has done good to you. Isn’t it our duty to care for the one who nurtured us throughout their milking life? After all, cows are also living beings.
  • Connect more people to gaushala – Connecting more and more people through gaushala and imparting importance and knowledge about cows is one of the main objectives.
  • Spreading awareness about cow preservation – We aim to spread awareness about the importance of cows among people. The need of the hour is to preserve cows. This awareness needs to be imparted especially among the youth of the country, being the majority of them impacted by the western culture and loosing importance and logics behind cultural values.
  • Empowering cow based farming – Cow after its milking age is a burden on the cow keeper. This is a myth spread out just to encourage cow slaughter for selling and earning money through serving beef. Cow based products are highly beneficial for agriculture which are used as manure, natural pesticides and much more, throughout the cow’s life.

Our Vision

  • To inculcate a healthy cow-friendly culture in its home land
  • To provide heathy food and place for living for our holy mother cow
  • Nourishment of health country’s citizens by promoting Indigenous cow’s milk than foreign jersey cow.
  • Ensuring health by promoting desi cow based products.
  • Taking steps to preventing health hazards of country’s kids because of machine based or even jersey cow’s milk products.

Our efforts

  • Introduction to E-gaushala as a step forward for reaching more people- to ensure betterment of gaushalas in India.
  • To provide information about details of various gaushala through the websites,
  • Pure cow based products through E-Gaushop to help country’s money to stay within the hands of country people as an investment in gaushalas developments.
  • Our gaushalas have team of dedicated doctors and reach to medical assistance stores/ hospitals in case of emergencies.

How serving cows equals to serving nation?

By doing Gauseva, we indirectly contribute in serving our Nation. Below are the supporting points-

  • Preventing Indian money from flowing outside India – Cow slaughter leads to money for the slaughterhouses and to majority of foreigners/ NRI running fast food chains in India by selling beef. Saving no to beef will lead to loss of value to those food chains. Instead spending money on gaushala’s will be only used for desi cow enrichment. This will prevent the money flow outside the India.
  • Money circulation within India– The funds from selling cow-based through E-gaushala will only be used in further encouragement to healthy cow-keeping. The countrymen money will thus be re-circulated within the country only.
  • Cow based farming for Indian agriculture needs– Dry cow based farming will only save crores of Indian rupees spent on chemical fertilizers.

The words with logic

We don’t need to be a Hindu or a personal with emotional belief or respect to a religion, but a person with Human heart and Human values to understand the concept of saving and helping serving the cows. Hope the above facts and insights are enlightening enough as a step ahead to work towards the noble cause of serving or saving the nation.

Be a Gausevak by contributing today!

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