Learn Gauseva – How To Be A Gausevak

Cows have been an integral part of Indian mythology, specifically to Hindu culture. Cow is considered sacred and worshipped in many parts of modern India. Many Indian rituals are incomplete without the presence of Cow or cow’s products. Talking practically, it gives us milk that is scientifically proven to have properties like that of a mother’s milk. It is also proven that the indigenous cow’s milk cures diabetes, heart diseases, improves the immune system and so on. Read on more to know about all the what’s, why’s and how’s of Gauseva.

What is Gauseva?

Gau means Cow and Seva means service of care. Hence, Gauseva is taking care or serving a cow. Gauseva holds very significant mentions in our Vedas, Gita and Puran. A keeper of cow (Gausevak) is considered to be taking care of God in form of Cow. Thus, serving a cow gets a human being with direct blessings of God as per the Hindu Mythology.

How can I do Gauseva?

You can do Gauseva in the following ways:

  • Sponsor a cow- This means sponsoring a cow’s a-z living needs. Gaushala is a place where numerous number of cows are kept and taken care of. Visit a Gaushala, select a cow you want to sponsor for, to the Gaushala officials. It is like adopting a cow but letting it live under the Gaushala roof because the officials there can serve to the cow better than us.
  • Feed a cow- You may visit your nearby Gaushalas for this. The basic feed includes grass, chapatti or even jaggery (in winters). Cow can also be fed occasionally like on birthdays, anniversaries or even when fasting.
  • Donate for a cow- Donating in kind other than cash is also preferred by many people as a form of Gauseva. For example, donating blankets, food items or even donation for Gaushala can be helpful for cow and considered as Gauseva.
  • General donation to Gaushala- General donation to Gaushala is also possible. The donation received is directly invested in bettering the situations for cows living in Gaushalas.

Apart from the above ways we can also contribute in Gauseva in the following ways-

  • Consuming more of desi cow’s products.
  • Have more of cow based organic farming products
  • A fixed donation to Gaushala for betterment of cows there
  • Stop using plastic bags. More and more animals including cows die because of eating plastic
  • Promote cow-based natural farming methods
  • Create awareness about desi cow’s products benefits
  • Help in cow-slaughter prevention campaigns
  • Spread the awareness about the difference between desi and other cow.


Considering all the above factors, desi cows must be protected and well sheltered being the mother of us all. You may visit a gaushala nearby or use this site to know the nearest Gaushala to you. Helping holy cow is only going to help us in other way. A cow continues giving us valuable products throughout its lifespan and even after its death, it is our chance to serve the cow in our best possible way.

Do Gauseva today!

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