Year: 2012

What’s the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

Many people and the media tend to treat “web design” and “web development” as interchangeable phrases when actually they are interdependent processes. Some generalize by saying a “web designer” is concerned with how the website LOOKS while a “web developer” is focused on what the website DOES, but even that’s an oversimplification: HOW A WEBSITE […]

Only Three Top Miami Web Design Sites Are Rated “Mobile Friendly”

Posted by: Web Designers Miami Florida in Mobile Web Designers Miami on March 29th, 2012 Miami Web Designers: Google Mobile Friendly Green Phone Icon The Google Mobile home page is accessible from any iPhone, Android phone or any other mobile phone with Internet access at ““. Selecting “Search” from there will take you to the […]

Mobile Web Apps Design Costs Less and Reaches More Than Native Mobile App Development

Microsoft Tag projects that mobile internet usage will exceed desktop usage by 2014, and Apple is spending millions to convince app developers and mobile consumers that the majority of that traffic will be coming from iPhones. That is possible, but far from likely. Here is why: Of the 4 billion plus mobile phones currently in […]

Miami Web Design Firm Shares Seven Tests of Web 3.0 Readiness

A core requirement of the Semantic Web or “Web 3.0″ is that website content be accessible and comprehensible to both Man and Machine, which makes standards compliance mandatory. W3C-compliant web pages can be properly read and interpreted regardless of what user agent might be employed: mashups and other web apps, graphical and text browsers, text-to-speech […]

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