Only Three Top Miami Web Design Sites Are Rated “Mobile Friendly”

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Posted by: Web Designers Miami Florida in Mobile Web Designers Miami on March 29th, 2012
Miami Web Designers: Google Mobile Friendly Green Phone Icon

The Google Mobile home page is accessible from any iPhone, Android phone or any other mobile phone with Internet access at ““. Selecting “Search” from there will take you to the mobile version of the Google search engine. Run a search and you may see that the results are very different from what is served up to a standard laptop or robust tablet browser. Aside from less advertising, another difference you might notice are little green cell phone icons on some listings which designate them to be “mobile friendly”.

If a prospect runs a search that returns listings for you and your competitors – and one boasts the “mobile friendly” designation while others don’t – which will they be most likely to choose?

Successful online marketing is a function of visibility and accessibility, and the Google “mobile friendly” designation can contribute greatly to both. But that mark of distinction cannot be bought any more than you can pay Google for top natural search rankings. It must be earned by designing website source and content in conformity with W3C standards and Mobile Web markup guidelines. In other words, it must be earned for you by your web developer.

If your web developer has not made their own website mobile friendly, what does that say about what they can for you?

On 29 March 2012, a Google Mobile search on the term “mobile web design miami” reflected that of the Top 10 results returned, Google awarded their mobile-friendly green phone icon to only 6 pages representing 3 websites:, and our affiliate sites and Many of our web development clients in Miami, South Florida and beyond also enjoy that designation.

Only Three Top Miami Web Design Sites Are Rated “Mobile Friendly”

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